"Lawyers are operators of toll bridges across which anyone in search of justice must pass." - Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek


Welcome to the website of the Law Office of Kevin Adams, PLLC.  We are Estate Planning, Business, Probate, Elder Law, and Tax attorneys.  Our Website is designed to provide you an overview of the firm, background information on our attorneys and staff, information about estate planning and links to other useful sites.  Our website is also designed to educate the legal consumer.  It can't, however, demonstrate the care we provide each of our client's legal needs.  We don't do just estate planning and we don't do just business transactions; we specialize in protecting the assets of our clients whether it is through a trust, operating agreement, antenuptial agreement, conservatorship or any other means available to us.

Whether you are a young, married person with small children and few net assets or you are an older "empty nester" with a large estate I encourage you to explore the various pages contained on this website.  We hope that they get you thinking about your legacy.  Give us a call or e-mail us directly.  We are located off I-96 at 31330 Schoolcraft Road (north service drive of the expressway) near Merriman Road in Livonia, Michigan.


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